Analysis of Literary Works

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Assess the writing situation
Consider your subject, purpose, audience, available sources of information and any assignment requirements such as length, document design and deadlines. By assessing your writing situation and formulating an initial plan, you can move forward in creating your initial draft.
Planning and Drafting an Essay
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In many writing situations, part of your challenge will be determining your purpose or your reason for writing. The wording of an assignment may suggest its purpose. If no guidelines are given, you may need to ask yourself, “Why am I communicating with my readers?” or “What do I want to accomplish?” 

Most writers often have the following purposes when writing: 

  • to inform 
  • to explain 
  • to summarise 
  • to recommend 
  • to evaluate 
  • to persuade 
  • to analyse 
  • to synthesise 
  • to propose 
  • to call readers to action 
  • to change attitudes 
  • to express feelings 
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